My New Personal Assistant: The Palm Pixi

My Palm Pixi is the first phone that I ALWAYS carry around with me. With all my past phones I just left them on the charger at my desk when I got home, but I find that I carry my Pixi around everywhere since I find it so useful and handy to use. Let me count the many uses of my Palm WebOS phone:

  1. Check for new emails (of course!)
  2. Use the web browser to read forum postings, news sites, etc.
  3. Use the built-in “Notes” app to jot down notes while on the go.
  4. Check the weather in the town which I am traveling to.
  5. Check my air travel flight for possible delays.
  6. Use the Sprint Navigation app for helping me navigate in new cities.
  7. Locate restaurants, gas stations, Starbucks, airports, car rental drop-off, etc. locations while on a business trip.
  8. Store my sensitive data (e.g., passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc) securely (encrypted) for easy access.

The above list is just a few things I do with my Pixi Smartphone. How did I ever live without it? I also use an application called Evernote which allows me to record, sort, and search data stored in an online database. This data is accessible via my Pixi as well as any PC web browser. I also use Google Docs for online storage which is accessible using my Pixi.

For charging my Pixi, I have a Touchstone Inductive charger puck sitting on desk in my office as well as in my car for convenient charging while on the go. It seems the future is here, with my Pixi serving as my Star Trek Tricorder and Communicator all rolled into one! 🙂


About webosdev

Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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