So What’s My Gear?

My first true “Smartphone” was a Motorola Q phone with a thumb keyboard running the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. At the time I really loved it, since I could download my work and personal email via a cellular network connection. The phone was also quite thin, which was nice since I normally carry my phone in my front pants pocket.

I used this Moto-Q phone successfully for about 2 years, however, I did have severe iPhone envy. My Moto-Q didn’t have a touchscreen, so everything was controlled by using hard physical buttons. I also didn’t have a GPS receiver in the phone so I couldn’t make use of Google Maps or any navigation app for guiding me around a new city while on business travel. The web browser was really limited, only able to render the basic content from a web site.

When the Palm Pre was announced, I kept a close eye on it anxiously awaiting its release. From the specs and descriptions it seemed to be a superior smartphone. I wasn’t a big fan of the slider-style phones, so I held off buying a Palm Pre since there were rumors of a “candy bar”-style phone in the works for Palm. When the Palm Pixi was finally released, I decided to get it to replace my Moto-Q dinosaur phone. I do have to say I have not been disappointed with my decision.

So here I am, Palm WebOS app developer carrying around a Palm Pixi smartphone as his primary cell phone, and loving every minute of it!


About webosdev

Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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