Today’s Big News: HP Buys Palm

Hot off the presses: HP buys Palm. No joke. This is right out of left field, as most people didn’t expect it. In hindsight, it does make a lot of sense considering this move immediately puts HP on the smartphone map. Most analysts see this as a win-win for both parties. Palm has a big influx of cash while HP gets into the smartphone market with the WebOS available for future mobile devices (can you say, HP Tablet?).

Speaking of HP Tablet, I totally believe the WebOS would make a superior OS for that device over Windows 7. WebOS is lightweight and fast, and developers would have a field day writing apps for a larger faster platform than their smartphone counterparts.

So, we’ll just have to see how all of this falls out. I would imagine that HP will keep Palm intact (using the Palm brand name) much like they did with Compaq when they merged with that company.


About webosdev

Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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