Have You Dropped Your Pre or Pixi?

I normally don’t use covers or cases for my phone, because it adds bulk and just doesn’t look good in my opinion. One of the main reasons I bought the Pixi over the Pre is because of the weight and thinness of the phone, so I don’t want to bulk it up with a case.

However, three times now I’ve accidently dropped my Pixi onto the asphalt street as I was exiting my car. My Pixi slipped out of my hand and fell in slow motion to the blacktop street landing face down on the touchscreen. Yikes! Fortunately for me, my Pixi only suffered some very minor dings. The rubber touchstone backing seemed to have absorbed most of the impact, and I only have three small nicks along the edges of my phone. No damage to the touchscreen face itself (thank goodness). But, no matter how careful I am I know I’ll be dropping my phone again.

Although I’m paying for the Sprint replacement warranty (through Asurion), it will cost me $100 to get a new phone in case of damage. That’s still pretty pricey, so I can’t be so careless with my phone. So as first, I decided to purchase a screen protector to possibly prevent scratches and nicks on the touchscreen face in case of future drops. I opted to purchase from PreCentral.net’s online store and bought the Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors. They are basically thin plastic sheets that fit over the touchscreen area on my Pixi. They seem to work ok, but the plastic does diminish the clarity of the screen a bit, making the text a little blurry. Also, the plastic doesn’t adhere completely around the edges, so I do see an outline around the screen protector. The sliding touch seems to feel ok, but it is less slippery than the bare screen.

The nice thing about this screen is that I can pull it off, wash it with water, and put it back on very easily. There’s no sticky adhesive involved. I’ve used this screen protector for about 4 weeks now, and fortunately I haven’t really tested it with an actual phone drop (knock on wood). I’m thinking at some point I’ll remove the cover and just risk it, but for now I’ll keep using the protector as cheap drop insurance.


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