Programming Books for WebOS Development

I got a head start with WebOS programming since I already knew HTML, CSS, and Javascript (from doing my web page development). If you know those three topics, you’ll be in good shape for creating cool Palm apps.

Here’s my list of books that I have in my programming library:

Stylin’ With CSS – A Designer’s Guide by Charles Wyke-Smith ($34.99 US)

This is an excellent reference for learning how to use Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) for enhancing the look of your web pages. CSS is used to control the appearance of the various components, such as position, color, size, etc. The WebOS uses CSS a lot, so you really need to understand how it works.

DOM Scripting – Web Design with Javascript and the Document Object Model by Jeremy Keith ($34.99 US)

This was a good book that covered the concept of DOM which is used quite heavily with the WebOS programming. It helped me wrap my head around the concept of objects so I could effectively program in that environment.

Beginnning JavaScript Development with DOM Scripting and Ajax by Christian Heilmann ($39.99 US)

Another good book that helped me understand how to use Ajax service calls.

Palm webOS by Mitch Allen ($44.99 US)

This was the first book published on the topic of WebOS programming, and it offered a good introduction to how everything worked in WebOS. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it the easiest to understand since the entire book focused on building one application, when it might have been more effective to have discussed several different smaller apps. Also, I found a few typos in the book that really hampered my programming efforts. But, I do think this book does offer some good insight on WebOS programming.

HTML For Dummies

This was one of the first books I bought (a long time ago) that helped me get up to speed with HTML programming. I think any beginner’s book on this subject will suffice for WebOS programming, so don’t be overly concerned on finding the “right” book.

Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects by Frank Zammetti  ($39.00 US)

Now, I don’t own this specific book but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I do plan to purchase it through soon so I can pick up some programming tips.

In addition to these books, I also recommend visiting since that is the official site for the development tools, documentation, tips, and forums. Also, I recommend you do Google searches when you need help with JavaScript, CSS, or any programming question.


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