Great Tools for WebOS App Development

I’m not a professional Javascript or DOM programmer, so I may not debug my code in the most efficient way. I usually will put in Mojo.Log.error() statements at various locations and then monitor the messages log file on the Palm Emulator file system for these printed messages. That method works ok, but it can be a pain since I need to log into the Palm Emulator using Putty (or other telnet client) and then examine the messages file on the device (usually using the Linux tail command).

I discovered after attending the Palm Developer Day event that there are two very useful tools for debugging WebOS apps:

  1. Palm – Ares – Log
  2. Palm – Ares – v8 Debugger

Both of these are standalone utilities that were extracted from the Ares GUI Builder, which you can use directly from any web browser. They are smart enough to connect to the Palm Emulator automatically, letting you to monitor messages written to the system’s messages file, as well as debugging a running app using breakpoints, etc.

The debugger is particularly useful since you can stop the app at any line in any function and review the local variables (including all the elements of a DOM variable). A very, very handy and useful tool for debugging WebOS apps. I hope to focus on both utilities in a future posting and show how I use them for typical debugging purposes.


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