HP-WebOS Tablet in the Near Future?

After HP bought Palm, there was a lot of rumors and articles on the topic of a WebOS-powered tablet being release in Q3 of this year. Just recently the CTO of HP stated that this wouldn’t happen so soon, so we’ll all have to wait until maybe next year before seeing such a tablet.

As a developer, I would think that any manufacturer would want to have some good apps ready in the wings before introducing such a new product. Since the only SDK available for the Palm WebOS devices is for the Pre and Pixi smartphones, it really didn’t make sense that a WebOS Tablet would appear on the market so soon. Sure, WebOS apps appear to work like web pages, but a smartphone screen is substantially smaller than a 10″ tablet screen, so a developer would need to update his or her app to have it work effectively on a larger screen. I imagine you could run a WebOS app for a Pre on a tablet, but it would just look like a web page formatted for a tiny screen displayed on a big screen.

Also, I would think that users would especially want fast running apps on a tablet device (I certainly would), so that would require an even better optimized Javascript engine for running WebOS apps and quite possibly C-compiled code (ala, the PDK). Since the PDK is still very new and not in full production mode, that would be another indicator that a WebOS tablet is further out than what the current rumors are stating.

Let’s hope that HP has a great tablet with WebOS available by mid to late next year, and that there’s some good apps available for it. I would certainly be one of the first ones in line to purchase it.


About webosdev

Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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