Palm Accessories Available for Cheap at Radio Shack

Currently I have a Palm Touchstone charger on my home office desk, and also one in my car for my Palm Pixi smartphone. Every two months or so I travel out of town for a few days on business trips, and I normally grab the Touchstone with car charger from my car and take them with me, but that’s starting to be a hassle. So, I decided it was time to buy another Touchstone with car charger to keep in my travel bag.

As such, I did a quick Google search and found that Radio Shack is selling their Palm accessories at a deep discount. From what I’ve heard, RS is eliminating the Palm Pre and Pixis from their inventory so they seem to be discounting their accessories as well. Good for me!

Most of their online inventory is “out-of-stock”, but the local stores in my area seem to be stocked with many accessories. I noticed that the closest RS to my home has a Pixi Touchstone back cover selling for $7.99 (Retail $19.99) and a Touchstone charger for $16.95 (Retail $49.99). That’s a damn good price, so I just can’t pass it up. I’ll be heading down to my local RS store tomorrow to see about getting these two items.

UPDATE: My local RS store had the Touchstone chargers marked at $19.99 Clearance price, but it rang up as $15.95 at the register. So, be sure to ask if the price doesn’t seem discounted.


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