Tablets and Pads coming to the market soon?

With the great success of the Apple iPad, computer manufacturers are all scrambling to get their touch/gesture-based devices to market ASAP. Microsoft announced their equivalent “Slate PCs” a few months ago, but it might be several months before we starting seeing any such devices.

JKOnTheRun reported several tablets and pads being shown at the Computex Computer Show in Taipei. A lot of them don’t seem to have a functioning OS on them as of yet, but they are reported to be running either Windows 7 or the Android OS.

In my opinion, such tablet devices need to have instant-on capability, which I don’t think Windows 7 offers. I don’t think users will tolerate having to wait even 30 seconds for their tablets to power up and be ready to use (I sure wouldn’t). As such, I don’t think Windows 7 would make a good OS for these tablet devices.

Granted, these manufacturers are touting a “Full OS” when describing Windows 7 running on their tablets, but if I wanted a full OS I would simply use my Netbook instead of a tablet or pad device.

As of now, I would probably get an iPad over all the other potential similar devices coming to market. Apple seemed to have most of the kinks worked out with their iTouch device, which has carried over to the iPad. I would still love to see a WebOS-powered tablet device, and it would be a choice over getting a WebOS device or an Apple iPad.


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