The iPad a big success with the Wife!

For Mother’s Day I surprised my wife with an Apple iPad. Fortunately, Apple released the 3G model just before May 15th, so I was able to get her one at the Apple Store. So far, she’s really liked the iPad, and uses it almost daily. She typically uses it for web browsing and checking emails, as well as reading books and watching downloaded movies. A great device while laying in bed just before lights-out.

Unfortunately for her, my 6 year-old son likes to use her iPad as well. The device is so easy to use, he immediately figured out how to use the tapping and flicking gestures to make it work. His favorite iPad activity is to watch YouTube videos in our bed just before his bed time, and as such he and my wife are fighting over the use of it.

Personally, I think Apple has a real winner with the iPad and had produced a real game changer once again in the gadget market. Of course, Microsoft will be proclaiming how “innovative” they are when they come out with their similar PC Slate devices, but I think the world knows who the real innovators are and who are the imitators.


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