WebOS Feature Request: Easy Cloud Syncing

It seems that most of our beloved gadgets are linked to the wonderful Internet. Computers, Cell phones, Smartphones, laptops, netbooks, iPads, GPS devices, clocks, cars…. everything connected to the great information highway. With that, users want to sync their data to the Cloud as well. Unfortunately, there are no easy functions or procedures in the WebOS to facilitate easy syncing of application data. Of course, you could write your own Javascript/AJAX/Ruby Rails/PHP etc. server code to run on your own personal server to possibly do the syncing, but why doesn’t Palm offer an easier way with the WebOS?

At the Palm Developer Day event there was mention of Palm using CouchDB (db8) as a new way of storing and syncing data with the Cloud (projected to be available later this year). From what I can tell, CouchDB handles a lot of the syncing issues between two databases, but it most likely still needs a personal web server for users to use it.

It would be nice if Palm would allow users to store and sync their data with the Palm Profile Servers. Having extremely easy-to-use syncing routines would also help, and facilitate developers to creating wonderful syncing Cloud apps.


About webosdev

Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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