Getting Outlook 2010 to Sync with Google Calendar

Recently I had the opportunity to upgrade my existing Office 2007 installation to the new Office 2010 for only $9.95 US, so I jumped at the offer. In general, the appearance and features of the 2010 version wasn’t too different from 2007, so I wouldn’t recommend upgrading.

With Office 2007, I was running a utility app on my PC which synced my Outlook Calendar events to Google Calendar in the cloud. I did this, so that I could have my personal Outlook calendar accessible on my Palm Pixi smartphone. Unfortunately with Office 2010, this syncing utility (provided by Google) doesn’t work. Specifically, you get an error message stating that the syncing utility will only work for Outlook 2003 and 2007.

So I was bummed out and ready to downgrade back to the 2007 version when I discovered that someone hacked the Google Sync Utility to get past the version warning message. I downloaded and tried the hack, and it seems to work fine. If you’re interested, here’s the link to the hack info.


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