WiFi Router issues… ugh

Last night my Belkin N+ Wireless Router stopped working, which ended life as-you-know-it in my household. Since all of our various computers, laptops, etc. connect via WiFi, everything was down. My desktop PC and laptop, my wife’s laptop and iPad, and my son’s laptop were all offline. Horrors!!! It’s amazing how dependent we’ve all become connected to the Internet in our daily lives.

Fortunately, I purchased this Belkin Router from my local Costco store last November and I still had the receipt and packaging. So the next day I boxed everything up and headed to Costco to get a refund. That’s the nice thing about buying merchandise from Costco– they have a no hassle return policy and usually don’t ask any questions. In this case, the Costco clerk actually took a lot of time making sure I returned everything that was listed on the outside of the box (she questioned what an “Ethernet Cable” was). Luckily, I packed away everything so I was in good shape.

So after my quick return I headed to the computer accessories aisle and picked up a D-Link Xtreme N router. It was about $30 more than what I paid for the defective Belkin Router, but I wanted to give D-Link a try and see if their stuff was more reliable.

Within 20 minutes I got the new router installed and working in my house again. This router had almost the same set of features as the old Belkin Router, so I didn’t lose any capability. Hopefully, it will last more than just 7 months before crapping out. And if it does, I’ll just take another trip back to Costco for a refund.


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