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When is an App too expensive?

Arguably, it was Palm who successfully introduced the first mobile device called the Palm Pilot. It was the hottest thing to replace the Day Planners that most people carried around with them for managing their schedules. Palm went on to … Continue reading

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What Apps Did You Snag During the Half-Off Sale?

The 50% off sale on the Palm App Catalog was absolutely great for consumers and developers. Palm Pre and Pixi owners were able to buy apps at half off prices, and the developers were paid the full price due to … Continue reading

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Palm’s Half-Off App Catalog Sale Ends Today

Today is the last day for the Palm App Catalog’s 50% off sale, so if you’ve been procrastinating on taking advantage of this offer, now’s the time to act! Personally, I’ve been going through the catalog picking out some nice … Continue reading

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The Swiftness of Creating WebOS Apps

Last Sunday I headed out for a 3-day business trip to Southern California. So as any good Palm Pre/Pixi owner would do, I checked out the travel apps available on the Palm App Catalog as well as the Homebrew apps … Continue reading

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Removed my screen protector and got a new phone!

After dropping my Palm Pixi smartphone three times on the asphalt street, I decided it was time to get a screen protector. I was lucky, in that after all those impacts the main screen surface was completely undamaged. So not … Continue reading

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HP CTO Confirms the Future of Palm Smartphones and Devices

There was a lot of nervousness among WebOS developers when the HP CEO make statements that sounded like HP wasn’t going to pursue the Smartphone market, but this video interview with the HP CTO says differently. He basically states that … Continue reading

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