Removed my screen protector and got a new phone!

After dropping my Palm Pixi smartphone three times on the asphalt street, I decided it was time to get a screen protector. I was lucky, in that after all those impacts the main screen surface was completely undamaged. So not to push my luck, I decided to get a Smartphone Experts plastic screen cover from and place it on my Pixi for added protection from future drops.

But of course, since putting on the screen protector I haven’t dropped my Pixi once. But I did notice that the clarity of the screen was a bit muted now, having to view through the not-so-transparent plastic cover. So after using this protector for a few months, I decided to pull it off and low-and-behold the vibrant clear colors of the screen just popped out! It was like I just got a new phone– the matte screen finish that I was using for months now has changed to a clear, shiny surface. The screen is now very bright and full of colors.

As such, I’ve decided to leave off the screen protector so I can enjoy the screen as-is. If I drop it and damage the screen, I’ll just use my insurance to get a new one (after paying the deductible).


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Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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