Getting my Palm Pixi ready for vacation

As I mentioned in my last posting, I’ll be driving down to Southern California for a 10 day vacation trip. As such, I’ve been downloading apps to make my trip easier to manage. Here are a few of the apps that I have loaded on my Palm Pixi:

TripAdvisor – This nifty client app is used in conjunction with the site where you can get detailed customer reviews about hotels and restaurants. I’ve used this web site in the past when making reservations for business trips, and it’s nice to have access to the reviews online at a moments notice when trying to decide which hotel to stay at, or restaurant to dine.

AccuWeather – This is a nice app which I can check for quick weather updates at various cities along our drive down to Anaheim and San Diego.

Poster – This is a cool app for monitoring my WordPress blog posts (like this one). I can check to see if there are any waiting comments in the queue for approval, or even post short blog postings directly from my Pixi. Really cool.

Tip Calculator – The obligatory tip calulator app. There seems to be hundred of them available, so I download the most basic one that meets my needs.

ZumoDrive – This was an app that I recently loaded on my Palm Pixi specifically for streaming music from online storage. I was using the DropBoxify client app (with which works well for accessing documents and photos, but it doesn’t have music-streaming capability. You have to download your music file locally first, then you can listen to it. As such, I downloaded and installed the ZumoDrive client app (with that seems to work better for music streaming. In fact, I found that ZumoDrive to be a good app overall with very easy-to-use features. The only issue I have with the music streaming, is that it doesn’t seem to work right if I try to play music using their music player (the song stops prematurely after about 10 seconds). Instead, I need to open the music file directly which forces the Pixi’s built-in media player to play the song. It still streams from my online storage folder, but just takes an extra few steps. I hope ZumoDrive gets this fixed, as it would be great to use their dedicated music player for playing my music files.

And of course, I have bookmarked several links on my Pixi’s web browser for mobile sites such as, etc. for quick access.

It is simply amazing how powerful a tool the new smartphones are, with instant connection to the internet for online access. The only limiting factor seems to be battery life, so once hydrogen fuel cells are available for our phones, we’ll be all set!


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Mobile Devices Developer, specializing in creating apps for the Palm WebOS devices.
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