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The Swiftness of Creating WebOS Apps

Last Sunday I headed out for a 3-day business trip to Southern California. So as any good Palm Pre/Pixi owner would do, I checked out the travel apps available on the Palm App Catalog as well as the Homebrew apps … Continue reading

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Removed my screen protector and got a new phone!

After dropping my Palm Pixi smartphone three times on the asphalt street, I decided it was time to get a screen protector. I was lucky, in that after all those impacts the main screen surface was completely undamaged. So not … Continue reading

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My quick review of the Sprint HTC EVO

My wife recently switched from her Blackberry to the new Sprint HTC EVO, and I had a chance to play around with it for a little bit this morning. Here are my thoughts: The phone IS big. Don’t let anyone … Continue reading

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Getting Outlook 2010 to Sync with Google Calendar

Recently I had the opportunity to upgrade my existing Office 2007 installation to the new Office 2010 for only $9.95 US, so I jumped at the offer. In general, the appearance and features of the 2010 version wasn’t too different … Continue reading

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Palm Pre users jump ship to Sprint EVO 4G?

With Sprint coming out with the HTC EVO 4G Smartphone later this week, there’s been a lot of talk of Palm Pre owners jumping ship to that handset. Apparently, this new device is running the much-improved version of the Android … Continue reading

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Have You Dropped Your Pre or Pixi?

I normally don’t use covers or cases for my phone, because it adds bulk and just doesn’t look good in my opinion. One of the main reasons I bought the Pixi over the Pre is because of the weight and … Continue reading

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So What’s My Gear?

My first true “Smartphone” was a Motorola Q phone with a thumb keyboard running the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. At the time I really loved it, since I could download my work and personal email via a cellular network … Continue reading

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