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Will an HP WebOS-Powered Tablet Succeed?

With HP purchasing Palm, Inc., they’ve announced dropping development for a Microsoft Slate PC device in favor of a WebOS-Powered tablet. This sounds great to me, but in my opinion the WebOS would need to be upgraded substantially to complete … Continue reading

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The iPad a big success with the Wife!

For Mother’s Day I surprised my wife with an Apple iPad. Fortunately, Apple released the 3G model just before May 15th, so I was able to get her one at the Apple Store. So far, she’s really liked the iPad, … Continue reading

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Tablets and Pads coming to the market soon?

With the great success of the Apple iPad, computer manufacturers are all scrambling to get their touch/gesture-based devices to market ASAP. Microsoft announced their equivalent “Slate PCs” a few months ago, but it might be several months before we starting … Continue reading

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HP-WebOS Tablet in the Near Future?

After HP bought Palm, there was a lot of rumors and articles on the topic of a WebOS-powered tablet being release in Q3 of this year. Just recently the CTO of HP stated that this wouldn’t happen so soon, so … Continue reading

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