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Palm Pre users jump ship to Sprint EVO 4G?

With Sprint coming out with the HTC EVO 4G Smartphone later this week, there’s been a lot of talk of Palm Pre owners jumping ship to that handset. Apparently, this new device is running the much-improved version of the Android … Continue reading

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WebOS Feature Request: Easy Cloud Syncing

It seems that most of our beloved gadgets are linked to the wonderful Internet. Computers, Cell phones, Smartphones, laptops, netbooks, iPads, GPS devices, clocks, cars…. everything connected to the great information highway. With that, users want to sync their data … Continue reading

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Will an HP WebOS-Powered Tablet Succeed?

With HP purchasing Palm, Inc., they’ve announced dropping development for a Microsoft Slate PC device in favor of a WebOS-Powered tablet. This sounds great to me, but in my opinion the WebOS would need to be upgraded substantially to complete … Continue reading

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The iPad a big success with the Wife!

For Mother’s Day I surprised my wife with an Apple iPad. Fortunately, Apple released the 3G model just before May 15th, so I was able to get her one at the Apple Store. So far, she’s really liked the iPad, … Continue reading

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Tablets and Pads coming to the market soon?

With the great success of the Apple iPad, computer manufacturers are all scrambling to get their touch/gesture-based devices to market ASAP. Microsoft announced their equivalent “Slate PCs” a few months ago, but it might be several months before we starting … Continue reading

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HP-WebOS Tablet in the Near Future?

After HP bought Palm, there was a lot of rumors and articles on the topic of a WebOS-powered tablet being release in Q3 of this year. Just recently the CTO of HP stated that this wouldn’t happen so soon, so … Continue reading

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Great Tools for WebOS App Development

I’m not a professional Javascript or DOM programmer, so I may not debug my code in the most efficient way. I usually will put in Mojo.Log.error() statements at various locations and then monitor the messages log file on the Palm … Continue reading

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